About Us

Founded in 2004, AGT International supplies a wide range of hydrocarbons, other pure special gases and gas and liquid mixtures directly from 7 major USA and 5 European manufacturing locations.

Our customers operate in a wide variety of industries. We focus on supply to the following sectors:

  • LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

  • Geothermal Power Generation

  • Industrial Refrigeration Applications

  • Semiconductor manufacturing

  • Petrochemical and chemical industries

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Laboratory

With focused, experienced teams worldwide, AGT International provides a fast, efficient service. We have customers in more than 40 different countries and we fully understand the complex rules and regulations governing the shipping of our products by sea, air & land, so we can ensure you get your order on time, every time.

The Difference

AGTI ships direct from our US manufacturing plants. This gives our customers the following major benefits compared with using other routes:

  • Shorter lead times
    Typically less than 2 weeks ex-works even for complex gas and liquid blends.
  • Higher Inventory Levels
    At the manufacturing base we hold significantly higher inventory levels enabling us to offer you larger volumes ex-stock.
  • Guaranteed Quality
    With no additional transfill steps the quality is as high as originally manufactured. We offer various analytical & certification services, direct from the manufacturer’s laboratory.
  • Lower Costs
    Since the product is shipped direct from the manufacturing plant, you save on unnecessary costs from double-shipping, losses during transfilling and mark-ups by companies with high overheads.